2-Ingredient smokey BBQ air fryer chicken drumsticks

I absolutely LOVE eating chicken on the bone. When made properly, battered and fried chicken is incredible – the perfect balance of crunchy and juicy.  Though delicious and deserving, I feel like fried chicken gets a ton of praise while roasted chicken is overlooked and extremely underrated.

When chicken is roasted to perfection, the peppery seasoned skin develops this beautiful crispness that locks in the moisture of the meat. It’s basically what dreams are made of. That crispy, crunchy, well-seasoned chicken skin is probably one of my favorite things to eat.

The only down side to a beautiful piece of roasted chicken with crackly skin is that it requires added fat to reach that perfect level of crunch. I typically use a small amount of canola oil poured over the top of the chicken (or chicken parts), but when the fat starts to render and crisp up, the bird also releases its own fat into the oil. Soon enough, I have this gorgeous crunchy chicken… sitting in a pool of fat. Gross.

For my birthday, my husband bought me two very cool appliances – a bread machine (which I will definitely talk more about later) and an air fryer.

GoWiseUSA air fryer

My first two attempts at cooking in the air fryer were successful, but both times I made hand cut fries. Since doing that I sort of shied away a bit because I didn’t have anything else in mind to fry, and I wasn’t sure how meat would turn out.

Two weeks ago my apprehension to air fry meat vanished when I noticed that a chef I follow on Instagram used an air fryer to make chicken wings. While looking at the photos, I noticed that the chicken did not look oily at all AND it looked super crispy – much like that perfect roasted chicken skin I described before.

I had to try this out for myself. I was going to use my air fryer to make drumsticks (wings just aren’t filling enough for dinner) and I wanted them to have a barbecue-y flavor, much like those wings probably had. But it was imperative that I get that crunchy skin!



say that 5x fast…


1 pack of medium-sized chicken drumsticks (my fryer fits 5 snugly)

1 packet of McCormick Slow Cookers BBQ Pulled Pork seasoning

…that’s it!



  1. Use HALF of the pulled pork seasoning packet to generously coat the chicken drumsticks. Place coated drumsticks in the basket of the air fryer.

2. Insert fryer basket into the air fryer. Set the air fryer to 400 degrees F. Cook the drumsticks for 25 minutes, and then flip them over (using tongs) to cook for another 20 minutes.

BAM! Perfectly “fried” drumsticks… with that beautiful “roasted chicken” crispy skin!!! MINUS ALL OF THE OIL!

I made some roasted potatoes, carrots, and onions on the side…

And just like that… we have a complete, delicious dinner.

air fried chicken with roasted potatoes & veggies




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