I’m back – and I’ve brought healthy blondies with me!

After a nearly 8 month hiatus from food blogging, I have returned. Me leaving ya’ll stranded wasn’t planned – this year has been really rough so far. The school year was super hectic, my family mourned two losses, my house is under construction, and I’ve had some health issues. With all that being said, everyone and everything is OK and life is slowly starting to fall back into place. HOWEVER, this isn’t a pity party – it’s a goddamn food blog. And that’s what I’m here to do – talk about food I make, food I eat, and food I want to eat.

I have spent a good amount of time so far this year working on myself and focusing on my health.  Going to the gym has been a top priority, and so has eating well. While I was surfing the deep ocean of the internet, I came across a YouTube channel that caught my eye – mainly for its wide variety of dessert videos that certainly classified as “food porn” – along with the claim that each dessert was healthy. Obviously, I was skeptical and had to try some of the recipes.

Holy shit. After trying 3 of these recipes – and all 3 turning out GREAT – I have been won over. The channel I was watching – Sarah Lynn – was also linked to a blog, Sarah Lynn Fitness. This girl is un-freaking-stoppable. If anyone wants to try out healthy baking, I highly recommend checking out her blog or YouTube channel – or purchasing any (or all) of her BakeToBeFit e-cookbooks (I’ve already purchased all three!)

So far, my favorite recipe from Sarah Lynn has to be the Secret-Ingredient Chocolate Chip Blondies. Definitely check out this recipe video and make these treats. My husband and I ate the entire pan in two days, they really were that good.


I followed the recipe closely, but made a few changes:

1- I used chick peas instead

2- I only used grass-fed butter, no coconut oil

3- I baked mine for around 25 minutes. I like a firmer blondie.


The results were delicious. Thank you, Sarah Lynn!

healthy blondies – and super tasty!





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12 thoughts on “I’m back – and I’ve brought healthy blondies with me!”

      1. LB you are my new favorite find!!!

        I’m a college math teacher (nice to meet a fellow professional) and have recently started my sugar- free diet.
        Look forward to your posts any help would be appreciated.

        happy blogging


        1. Thank you so much – and thanks for reaching out! I wish you good luck on your sugar free diet… it isn’t easy, but when you become familiar with ingredient swaps its a game changer!!!

          Happy eating, happy blogging, and happy teaching! 😊

    1. Thank you so much! The food you feature on your on your site is absolutely beautiful, I will need to visit Italy someday. Regards from New York! 🙂

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