Recent eats: BEST of SUMMER Pt. 1

So this shirt basically sums up my mood for this summer:

yup, that’s my favorite shirt.

For me, summer is officially over. I know it technically isn’t, but as far as I’m concerned it is. My first day back at school was on Thursday (even though it was just meetings – it still counts) and I meet my kiddos for the first time this Tuesday. Hello teaching, goodbye free time.

As you may have noticed, I do the majority of my cooking and eating in my own home… but I do like going out for food as well. Here are a few restaurant highlights from this summer. These aren’t all of the places I’ve eaten, but these are definitely the best places.

  1. The Frozen Sin Truck

Long Island, NY – parked at various locations (festivals, farmers markets, etc.)

coffee ice cream sandwich with chocolate covered croissant pieces between two brownie cookies
churro mini donuts
cannoli mini donuts

2. Zum Stammtisch

Glendale, NY  (Queens)

wienerschnitzel a la holstein – pork cutlet pounded thin, breaded and fried… topped with an egg, anchovies, and capers. home fries on the side.

3. Mizuno Japanese

Wantagh, NY  (Nassau)

eel & cucumber roll, alaska roll, and two of the chef’s special rolls of the day.

4. Grotta di Fuoco

Long Beach, NY  (Nassau)

ricotta gnocchi with broccoli rabe pesto, crumbled sausage, crushed almonds, and a frico chip.

5. Circo’s Pastry Shop

Bushwick, NY  (Brooklyn)

heaven in a pastry case.

6. Grasso’s Restaurant

Cold Spring Harbor, NY  (Suffolk)

Grilled pear and salmon salad with walnuts, blue cheese, and hazelnut vinaigrette

7. BELLY Korean Bacon Shop

Williamsburg, NY  (Brooklyn)




…as always, HAPPY EATING!

<3 LB

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