The post-workout “milkshake”

As some of you already know, I have a hard time resisting sweets and I’m constantly craving dessert-like foods. However, I can’t eat foods like this as often as I’d like to.

One dessert I absolutely love is ice cream. I can’t get enough of it – especially if it’s in the form of a frozen, thick shake. As a kid I lived around the corner from a Carvel, and my brother and I would always get large vanilla thick shakes (I was not aware of being lactose-intolerant yet).  I enjoyed this tremendously.

As an adult, I can no longer get these awesome shakes whenever I please… so I have to substitute with something a bit healthier and less sugary (even though its OK to just go out and get the shake sometimes). In the past couple of months, I learned a lot about the importance of increasing my protein intake. Protein helps you build muscle, stay lean, gives you energy, and keeps you feeling full for a longer amount of time. So I decided to improvise, and make a protein-based “milkshake” for when I come home from the gym. The best part is that it’s completely dairy free – so if you are also lactose-intolerant there is no need to take a pill, and if you are vegan you can still enjoy this drink without guilt!



1 cup unsweetened almond milk (original flavor)

1 frozen banana (freeze banana when it is very ripe)

2 Tbsp. natural peanut butter (the kind you need to stir with no added sugar)

4 Tbsp. hemp protein powder (I use vanilla flavored, but chocolate works just as well!)

shake stuff
get your stuff ready!


Pour your ingredients into the blender in this order:

  1. almond milk
  2. hemp powder
  3. frozen banana
  4. peanut butter
shake makin
shake makin’


peanut butter
natural peanut butter


The reason I put my banana in after my hemp powder is because every time I turn my blender on, it splatters the hemp everywhere inside the blender. Dropping the banana in after the hemp will force some of the powder down into the almond milk before you blend, so less of it will splatter once you start blending. If you still get hemp everywhere, just scrape it down with a spatula and into your drink to re-blend it.

Using a frozen banana, as well as a very ripe one, is super important. When a frozen banana is blended, it has a very thick and creamy texture – completely eliminating the need for any ice cubes. This is great, because ice cubes water down your shake… and we want this very cold, thick, and creamy – like an actual milkshake. When a banana is very ripe, it has a much sweeter flavor. If you freeze the banana while it’s ripe, it will maintain that sweet flavor. It is actually sweet enough to flavor the entire shake, with no additional sugar! (I promise!)

Blend your shake until smooth and creamy. All hemp should be incorporated, and there should be no chunks of frozen banana left over. Pour into a tall mug (I use a beer glass – I’m classy like that) and enjoy!

protein shake
protein-packed banana peanut butter “milkshake”



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9 thoughts on “The post-workout “milkshake””

    1. I love hemp – but you need to buy the right kind. I love the vanilla flavored powder from trader joe’s. It looks (and smells) grassy… but with the other ingredients in the shake, you can’t even tell it’s in there. =)

    1. Its very thick! Really has a thick shake consistency. Peanut butter is def. something I use a lot – i’m a tad of a fanatic…

  1. Where can you find hemp powder? I would like to make this. My husband has stage 4 cancer and was advised as they are treating him (he may lose weight) to drink shakes. This might be one I would try to make for him.

    1. I wish all the best to you and your husband while he is receiving treatmeant. I buy hemp powder in a few places – my CVS has it, so does my trader joes, and surprisingly so does home goods. If you dont want plant protein and are fine with whey, i highly recommend Slap Nutrition – i order that online & its also delicious.

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